About Micché

Michiko ISHIGURO was born and grew up in Kyoto, Japan.

Her “ East meets West ” art and design sense developed throughout
her amazing career.

She graduated from Ritsumeikan University, majoring in International
Relations having transferred there from Kobe Syoin Women’s College
as she realized the English major she was undertaking lacked a truly
international perspective.

Meanwhile she got to know European flower arrangement and won
the grand-prix title at a contest. This was a big turning point in her life
and so her career as a flower decorator was determined.

In 1998 she moved to Paris and travelled around Europe. These
experiences and her eclectic studies help create her wonderful sense of
art and design.

Returning to Japan, Michiko established her own unique brand “Atelier de

Her passion for design is endless; she took the Tilia Beads Embroidery
Course by Keiji Tagawa and also studied a Space Design Course at Kyoto
University of Arts and Design.

Michiko is currently studying under the tutelage of Kuwahara Senkei
school of ikebana.

I was fascinated by kimono and obi when I went to see Kabuki.

I was still little girl at the time but I remember them very vividly.
Kabuki costumes are very incredibly beautiful and have traditional patterns
that contain a lot of meanings. Many are unique and have original patterns
that have display a sense of humor and some are very eccentric.
These costumes inspire many of my designs.

As a flower decorator who was born and grew up in Kyoto,
I find it impossible not to use Kimono and Obi as inspiration for my designs.
One inspired design for a objet came about as a result which resembled
sparkly ornaments.